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NameYour Boyfriend Game
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Package Namecom. shepherd
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Required Android5.0 and Up
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The description of Your Boyfriend Game

Are you looking for a game that is both entertaining and romantic? Have you heard of visual novels? Get ready to embark on a new adventure with Your Boyfriend Game APK. Download the package file and install it directly onto your phone.

Don’t miss out – click this link now for hours of exciting entertainment. Your Boyfriend is a fun and lighthearted Android APK game. This interactive game allows players to experience all the joys (and drama!) of having a virtual boyfriend through engaging mini-games and exciting storylines.

When you download Your Boyfriend, you can choose from four characters with unique personalities and interests. Navigate through conversations with your new boyfriend, complete particular tasks for him, date him in various locations, and enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

With its beautiful 3D graphics and immersive story-telling capabilities, Your Boyfriend will surely provide a fantastic gaming experience. Download it now to begin your journey with your virtual companion.

More About This App

Have fun with your Android phone. Download this exciting and interactive gaming app absolutely free of charge. Take part in the one-of-a-kind simulation experience. What are you waiting for? Dive into the action right now.

Play the ultimate game of love. Download ‘Your Boyfriend’ and experience a spine-chilling simulation featuring an unhinged stalker boyfriend set in a psychological horror theme.

Download the Boyfriend game on your phone and immerse yourself in terror. It’s time to put your decision-making skills to the test as you navigate through this captivating simulation experience.

Calling all book lovers Explore the fascinating world of virtual dating with novel characters. Few people know about this innovative twist to a classic concept, so be one of the first to try this new and exciting experience.

If you’re a fan of interactive stories and enjoy the excitement of exploring different relationships, Your Boyfriend Game is sure to be your perfect match. With its unique gameplay, this mobile app offers an immersive experience like no other dating game.

Because you will encounter here, perhaps for the first time of you, the visual expression of written books, therefore, don’t neglect to discuss your experiences with this interactive game in the comments section.

Because of this, online videos of the game where players select various choices to see what happens next in the scene tend to be the most entertaining. Your mental health might suffer if you are not interested in these visual novel tales. So proceed here with care.

App Screenshots

Your Boyfriend, Mobile Game Gameplay

The game is a visual novel, interactive decision-making! As you navigate through the game’s story, your choices will be integral to shaping many unique endings – some more favorable than others.

If you’re expecting a fun and lighthearted game, think again! This one comes with an intense atmosphere full of suppressed dialogues. And it’s not made any easier by the man who seems to be trying your patience is no beauty either.

The social censure element of the Your Boyfriend mobile game, which aims to draw attention to the dangers of harassment by men against women, is its most important feature.

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  • The live demo version is available for Linux and macOS. The Linux version needs more testing, and the macOS version needs a fix.
  • Halloween’s first and second days have already materialized.
  • New visuals, characters, backdrops, and branch paths from Day 1 choices are included in Day 2.
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  • New in-game options and screen size alternatives.
  • Restart the game after the trial is over.
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  • Released Linux variant.
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Features of Your Boyfriend Mobile Android APK :

Your Boyfriend Mobile Game is devoted to all of your beloved female characters. In this interactive game, you can practically create a romantic love story involving attractive and attractive men.

You will play the part of a lovely office woman and her young lover, Riku, in this game.

The age gap is the greatest problem! Do you think your chemistry and understanding are great despite your age difference?

You can customize the attire of your avatar in this game. You can alter your friend’s attire as well.
The game can be downloaded and played for free, but you’ll need to spend real money if you want to play a premium episode with your adorable young sweetheart.

Visual novel:

Your Boyfriend mobile game is a visual novel in which you will face many situations in which you will have to work your way through conversations and decisions. With this in mind, the story will give you a variety of closes, none of which are necessarily positive.

Horror story:

Your boyfriend game is a different breed from normal dating simulation games. If you are looking for casual and light dating sims then this is the one you should not play. Here, you can expect a story that will haunt you for the rest of the evening.

Psychological terror: 

In this game, the atmosphere is thick with tension and annoyance there’s no avoiding it when conversing with the not-so-attractive man who interests you. Every dialogue feels stagnant, leaving little to choose from in terms of a pleasing conversation path; one wrong move can have potentially disastrous consequences.

Unique Choices:

The fact that you can make decisions here is what makes this game interesting! You only have a limited time to choose the options, but they don’t give you much convenience. It all depends on the plot, which makes you go along with the guy even if you’re unhappy with him.

Social Complaint Game:

One of the most important features of the game is its social criticism component, which tries to bring attention to the issue of male harassment. Furthermore, you will find that many of these men’s behavior is not abusive, and they will continue to do things that will add to their insanity.

Disturbing experience:

Your Boyfriend Mobile Game is not suitable for sensitive people or children, as the experience can be quite disturbing.

How to Download & Play 

Install the game data by visiting
Install it on the necessary Android or iOS phones.
Run the game for 30 to 40 seconds to finish the verification procedure.

Relaunch the mobile game Your Lover.

Your boyfriend Game Peter

Peter, the dastardly nemesis known only as ‘Your Boyfriend’, is a mysterious force of evil with his distinct grey physique and piercing dark blue eyes. His eerie appearance is made even more menacing by his lack of hair – an intimidating figure for all who cross him!


Is it safe to download Your Boyfriend Game?

After rigorous testing on a range of Android phones and tablets, we are proud to confirm that the app is safe to download with excellent performance.

Do I have to get an OBB with Your Boyfriend game download?

Unlock a world of fun with just the click of a button! Get the Apk file here and let yourself be transported into an exciting gaming experience.

Is the Boyfriend Game Download APK free?

A: Yes, the Boyfriend Game Download App APK is completely free to download and use.

Can I play games with my boyfriend even if we’re not in the same location?

Yes, the app allows you to play games with your boyfriend even if you’re not in the same location. Simply connect to the internet and start playing.

Who is Peter Your Boyfriend game?

Peter, the mysterious figure known affectionately as Your Boyfriend, is a formidable opponent. He stands out in stark contrast with his grey body and dark blue eyes lacking any hair atop them. His attire consists of black pants, topped off by a unique T-shirt featuring both white and black in the shape of a heart alongside an ominous-looking vest all adding to his intimidating presence.


All in all, Your Boyfriend Download is a great application to use if you are looking for a perfect dating partner. The best thing about this app is that it’s totally free and provides an easy user interface which makes it easy to understand.

Moreover, the application works on any android device and can be downloaded with just one click. We hope that this review was useful and pointed out all the features of the app so that you don’t have to guess anything and make an informed choice.

Plus, now you can also share the app with your friends too and tell your experience about dating online in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and interesting tech news related to apps and software around us.

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