Although closets are among some of the most overlooked spaces in our homes, they play a huge role in keeping your stuff organized while keeping your living spaces clutter-free. While functionality is key to designing a closet, there’s a growing trend towards crafting custom closets that not only provide storage but also add a dash of style to a room. Reputable Closet Company delves into some Unique Custom Closet Ideas and Installation Techniques that can transform your storage spaces into something extraordinary.

Open Concept Closets

One out-of-the-box closet design that’s stolen the show in recent years is the open-concept closet. Ditching traditional doors, these closets are open to the room and aim towards displaying your clothing and accessories quite like a luxurious boutique. To keep it looking tidy, consider using matching hangers and organizing items by color or style.

Walk-In Pantry Closets

Pantries are not typically reserved for kitchens anymore – in fact, some people are turning their spare rooms into walk-in pantries that feature floor-to-ceiling shelves, canned goods storage, and even wine racks. This interesting approach frees up a great deal of kitchen space and transforms your pantry into a cool and functional hub. Reputable Closet Company has a whole range of options for walk-in pantry closets to meet your specific vision.

Convertible Closets

If you are looking for versatility with your storage space, you need to consider installing a convertible closet. These installations are characterized by movable partitions or shelving units that can be adjusted to suit your changing storage needs. Whether you need more space for clothing, shoes, or accessories, they can adapt to your ever-changing requirements miraculously well.

Floating Closets

Taking the concept of minimalism to whole new wonders, floating closets are installed off the ground to create an illusion that your clothes are floating in mid-air. The design of such closets brings out a sense of spaciousness and can be amazingly effective in small bedrooms or houses.

Vertical Closets

While conventional closets are designed with horizontal storage in mind, vertical closets emphasize making the most of vertical space by installing tall shelves, hooks, and hangers to utilize the height of the closet. This comes in handy for storing items like luggage, long dresses, or seasonal items that you don’t need too often.

Hidden Closets

As the name suggests, hidden closets are crafted to blend with the decor of your room seamlessly by concealing the closet behind large mirrors, wall panels, or bookshelves. This installation technique makes them appear to be a part of the design of the room when closed, but when opened, they reveal ample storage space to keep your stuff.

Closet Islands

The inspiration for closet islands comes from the luxury of walk-in closets, and they are getting more and more popular in modern interiors. Such as American built in closets. Some of the key features of these islands are drawers, shelves, and countertop space, wherein the idea is to provide extra storage and a convenient spot to put clothing and accessories when you’re getting ready.

While installing these designs, it’s essential to seek the help of experts who can ensure proper installation and functionality, right from measuring and planning to selecting the right materials, as well as putting in the right lighting and hidden hardware.

Custom closets are no longer about traditional designs and age-old installation techniques – Closet Eevee’s unique and innovative ideas can transform your closet into a functional work of art that complements the overall aesthetics of your space just right. Whether you install an open-concept closet, a hidden structure, or a super sustainable solution, there’s a whole array of possibilities to scroll through with custom closets.


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