Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has long been a game known for its diverse gameplay and intricate mechanics, catering to both casual and hardcore gamers. In the vast realm of Gielinor, high-level players are constantly seeking new ways to amass wealth and achieve in-game success. In recent times, a new money-making method has emerged, one that promises astonishing returns of up to 150 million gold pieces (OSRS GP) per hour, and it revolves around the enigmatic world of Mega Scale Raids. This article delves into the fascinating phenomenon of OSRS Mega Scale Raids and how they have changed the game for high-level players.

Unveiling the Mega Scale Raids

At the heart of this newfound gold rush are the Mega Scale Raids, a high-stakes activity within OSRS’s Chambers of Xeric, where players join forces to tackle formidable challenges in the hope of securing rare and valuable items. But there’s a twist that’s turning the gaming community on its head: some daring Iron Man players are paying substantial sums of up to 2 billion GP for experienced main accounts to complete Mega Scale Raids on their behalf and then promptly exit the raid, leaving the coveted purples up for grabs.

A Five-Year-Long Journey

For some, Mega Scale Raids are a relatively new discovery, but others have been mastering this art for years. Take, for instance, the narrator of this story, who reveals that they have been doing Mega Scale Raids for an impressive five years. Their journey began with a humble drop, a Dragon Sword, a piece of loot many OSRS players may not even realize was once part of the Chambers of Xeric’s drop table.

In retrospect, they acknowledge that had they known about the potential gold mine in Mega Scale Raids, they could have been amassing an extraordinary fortune in GP all along. Yet, this discovery opens the door to their new endeavor: uncovering just how lucrative this money-making method truly is.

A Lucrative Money-Making Method

The narrator takes a deep dive into the world of Iron Man boosting, connecting with experts in the Iron Man gear Discord. Their mission: is to provide a firsthand account of the financial opportunities available in Mega Scale Raids. They secure their first customer, who orders a batch of Mega Scales for a 5% discount.

To kick things off, the customer transfers a staggering 363 million GP to the narrator. The two adventurers jump into the raid together, but an unexpected twist awaits: the customer requests to join voice chat during the raid. It’s an unusual but exciting addition to their Mega Scale Raid adventure.

The narrator’s role in this scenario is not to clear the raid but to gather valuable points by crafting overloads. Each sip of an overload potion contributes 200 points, with each raid capping out at approximately 35,000 points, equating to a 6% chance of obtaining a coveted purple item. The teamwork between the narrator and their customer, along with the customer’s choice to have another player alt the raid for them, sets the stage for a remarkable experience.

The Unpredictable Luck of OSRS

As they venture further into the Mega Scale Raid, they encounter different rooms with their unique mechanics. The narrator shares insights into the strategies used in these rooms, showcasing the complexities and intricacies of high-level OSRS content. They highlight moments such as Guardians, where players reduce the boss’s stats to zero, and shamans, which involve expertly handling multiple attackers.

Amidst all the action and camaraderie, an astonishing twist unfolds. The Iron Man they are assisting receives an exceptionally rare drop: a Twisted Bow, one of OSRS’s most coveted items. The narrator’s excitement is palpable as they bear witness to this incredible stroke of luck.

The narrator, having completed their part, pays the alting player, leaving them with 213 million GP and providing the Iron Man with a newfound treasure. The dramatic success of this raid highlights the incredible potential OSRS Mega Scale Raids offer, where a single raid can yield enormous returns.

The Tale of Two Chances

The narrator emphasizes an intriguing aspect of Mega Scale Raids: the potential for bonus rolls, which can result in multiple drops in a single raid. The mechanics behind this are tied to personal points, and additional points beyond a specific threshold contribute to a second chance at obtaining rare loot.

In one instance, a raid yields not just one but two valuable items due to the unusually high personal points accumulated by the group. The Iron Man not only secures the expected drop but also benefits from the bonus roll, exemplifying the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of OSRS gameplay.

The narrator reflects on the sheer fortune of this outcome, with a sense of disbelief and excitement at witnessing such a rare occurrence. The entire experience adds to the allure of Mega Scale Raids, where the potential for riches is rivaled only by the thrill of the unexpected.

The True Rewards of Mega Scale Raids

Throughout the article, the narrator meticulously details the process of participating in Mega Scale Raids, from scaling and alting to the intricacies of each raid room. The text provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and rewards involved in this high-level OSRS activity.

As they continue their journey into Mega Scale Raids, the narrator underlines the critical role of teamwork, strategy, and communication. They offer an insider’s perspective on the benefits and challenges that high-level players encounter, emphasizing the enormous wealth potential these raids offer.

The Financial Landscape of Mega Scale Raids

With all their raids completed and purples secured, the narrator faces a moment of reckoning: paying their taxes. In OSRS, earnings from certain activities are subject to a tax, and Mega Scale Raids are no exception. Despite the taxes, the narrator has still made an impressive 1.8 billion GP from only four raids. The financial rewards are substantial, and the narrator hints at further forays into Mega Scale Raids to amass even more wealth.

Scaling to New Heights

The article explores the thrilling world of Mega Scale Raids, offering a rare glimpse into the high-stakes activities of high-level OSRS players. It showcases the potential for enormous financial gain, the unpredictability of rare loot drops, and the strategic intricacies of this fascinating aspect of the game.

As OSRS continues to evolve and introduce new content, the Mega Scale Raids have undoubtedly emerged as a captivating and lucrative pursuit for high-level players. The narrator’s journey exemplifies the possibilities and challenges, making this money-making method a compelling facet of the OSRS universe.


In the world of Old School RuneScape, Mega Scale Raids have ushered in a new era of wealth accumulation for high-level players. With the promise of up to 150 million GP per hour and the allure of rare loot drops, Mega Scale Raids are changing the landscape of in-game economics. As high-level adventurers continue to delve into this fascinating realm, the pursuit of wealth in Gielinor has never been more thrilling.

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