Sleep is essential for both our physical and emotional well-being. A majority of individuals, on the other hand, have difficulty in sleeping continuously and peacefully. Based on the National Institutes of Health, roughly 30% of the earth’s adults have difficulty in sleeping, while roughly 10% of those who suffer from insomnia indicate cognitive disability throughout the day. 

So, if you’re having trouble sleeping and dealing with the consequences, you’re not alone. Because of the negative adverse consequences associated with traditional insomnia medications, medical cannabis is gaining popularity as a possible therapy option. You can try THC gummies for the best results.

You’re exhausted, yet your eyes refuse to shut. You flip and roll until you have attempted every position imaginable. You’re groggy and grumpy when you get up. Insomnia is certainly terrible, but for several adults, cannabis has been proven to be an efficient and healthy sleeping pill. This may assist people relax and remain asleep by slowing the rushing emotions, dissolving discomfort, relaxing joints, and delivering its unique sleepy compounds. Nevertheless, as many others have stated, choosing the appropriate strain is critical.

Best strains for insomnia

Several of the best cannabis varieties for curing insomnia as well as other sleep problems include:

Tahoe OG Kush: It is a combination strain with a high THC content. Based on its muscle-relaxing characteristics, it provides a powerful calming benefit and aids sleep. The flavour of this variety is gritty and citrusy. 

Granddaddy Purple:  It is probably the best-known sleep strains available. It’s a mixed breed with a high THC content. This is certainly the finest indica varieties, and it’s very good for people who cannot relax at night because of discomfort. Insomniacs enjoy this strain because it includes myrcene. It is a terpene which acts as a painkiller and encourages sleep.

Northern Lights: Throughout the 1980s, the THC added variety has been used as a relaxant. It is most recognised for relieving discomfort and inducing deep rest in consumers. The flavour of this 100% pure indica breed is rustic and floral.

God’s Gift: This THC added breed is a blessing to night owls, like the title indicates. It considerably decreases anxiety and provides a calming impact on people. Its citrus-like flavour serves to elevate people’s spirits while also calming them.

 Sweet and Sour Widow: This strain contains an equivalent amount of CBD as well as THC. THC-dominant varieties are often favoured for quality sleep, although they may also cause stress. A variety with the same CBD level as THC may assist to counteract THC’s impacts while also encouraging sleep.

Ogre: Ogre is just a THC-dominant combination breed that aids in the relief of sleeplessness problems. Its pleasant lemon flavour is a treat for the taste while also working as a relaxant.

Remedy: This is a CBD-only breed with zero THC. This variety may be the best bet if users want to skip the intoxication connected to THC. Remedy helps sleeplessness sufferers sleep by reducing discomfort, tension, depression, as well as other problems. This breed contains myrcene, a major terpene with strong sleep-inducing effects.

Querkle: Querkle appears to combat sleeplessness from a variety of angles. Anxiety dissipates, sickness fades, and despair fades, putting users in a peaceful condition as users go off to rest. This breed, though, might never be the same users use to force the mind to rest; instead, it pre-conditions a peaceful mood, making sleep simpler whenever it’s moment to turn off the lamps.


The collection above includes the best cannabis varieties for rest and sleeplessness. Whether users suffer from sleeplessness or other sleeping conditions, talk to the doctor about getting a treatment. We highly warn against consuming cannabis for self-medication.


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