A consumer survey found that 57% of consumers in the United States want more resealable food packages, as of 2021. Packaging that can be resealed provides some obvious benefits for ease of use and freshness as well as more subtle advantages for branding. Learn how resealable packaging can help your business solidify customer loyalty.

Provide An Extra Convenience

Consumers see resealable packaging as a convenient feature that increases ease-of-use. When brands make their intention to provide customers with the best experience possible clear, customers are more likely to make repeat purchases.

Resealable packages for food and supplement products are easier to take on the go without raising concerns that products will spill, make a mess and result in waste. Based on the nature of products and the priorities of your business, you can select child-resistant or recyclable zipper closures.

A stick pack manufacturer can also recommend ways for brands to make single-serving packages available for sale. Stick packs make it more affordable and convenient for customers to try or share products before purchasing larger resealable packages.

Preserving the Freshness

Customers prefer packaging that keeps products fresh for longer. Choosing resealable product packaging is one of the best ways to ensure that food or coffee packaging serves this function. Press to close zippers are easy to use and reduce the amount of air that gets into a package, which limits oxidation and prevents premature spoilage.

Airtight resealable zippers also exclude moisture and contaminants that could otherwise undermine the quality of packaged consumables. When consumers know that they can trust that products will stay fresh for the duration of use, they are more likely to repurchase the same product in packaging with the same features.

Your business may prefer to print usage recommendations on packaging. For example, many products have a very long shelf life when sealed, but should be used within a limited span of time once the seal is broken. The right packaging material and design choices can work together to reinforce customer loyalty.

Store Products In Packaging

Customers are more likely to keep products in packaging that can be resealed. Consumables in packaging without this option often need to be stored in additional resealable bags or airtight storage containers to prolong freshness. Brands can experiment with cosmetic packaging low minimums to decide on the right type of resealable closures.

A resealable design that encourages customers to store products in the original packaging can display branding to customers over a longer period of time than if they emptied package containers into an unbranded container for storage. This can increase conscious and subconscious familiarity with brands and products and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Customers are more likely to buy products that are sold in resealable packaging. Adding press to close zippers can be an easy way to enable consumers to reseal flexible packaging to preserve product freshness and promote product storage in original packaging. These are just a few ways in which resealable packaging works to solidify customer loyalty.


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