A few decades ago, the only way people could achieve their dream bodies and reduce fat was by exercising or going to the gym and spending hours of their day there. While both of those things are still important to retain a good and healthy body, cutting fat might have become easier, thanks to the advancements in the medical technology world. 

Body sculpting, a famous term in the aesthetic medical surgery industry, has allowed people to tone their bodies and gain more confidence. Over 6 million procedures of Coolsculpting have been performed in the US already. If you are considering coolsculpting in newport beach and wondering what it really is, knowing some facts would help. 

Facts about coolsculpting all prospective clients should know. 

  • Coolsculpting removes the fat cells permanently. 

Coolsculpting removes the fat cells under your skin permanently, which means that there is no way the same fat cells are going to return. Fat is only going to accumulate in your body again when you next consume it. During the process, the fat cells are frozen, and keep them like that until your lymphatic system flushes them out naturally. However, it is important to keep up with a healthy diet and exercise to retain your newly achieved look. 

  • Coolsculpting is the best alternative to liposuction. 

One of the best things about Coolsculpting procedures is that they offer the same services and results as a liposuction treatment, but only without the surgery part. Your body does not have to go under the knife to lose its fat cells. The fat in your body will be removed without damaging the surrounding tissues or skin. The procedure also does not require any general anesthesia, incisions, and other aspects involved in liposuction. 

  • Coolsculpting is not always immediately visible. 

Do not worry if your body seems like it has not gone through any major change once you come home after the procedure. Coolsculpting procedure results may not be visible immediately after. During the fat-freezing procedure, the fat cells beneath your skin flush out from your body only once they naturally die. This natural death and flushing-out procedure can take time. 

  • Coolsculpting is not a weight loss solution. 

Although it is true that the Coolsculpting procedure can help you eliminate excess fat from your body and help you achieve a more toned body, it is not your ultimate weight loss solution. It will help you achieve a smooth silhouette but would not help you shed pounds. Moreover, it is a requirement for the procedure that your body is near its goal weight. 


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