Among all the important things that you come across while running an eCommerce store, setting up an easy payment process for customers is highly crucial. The complexity level of your checkout page is what would either increase or decrease your rate of conversions.

Shopline, being one of the popular platforms, enables you with the scope of optimising your checkout page. All you have to do is connect with your Shopline developers and take their help in optimising your site for the utmost satisfaction of customers on all fronts, including payments.

Shopline undoubtedly provides your customers with the best shopping experience. But, with the easy payment approach at the checkout, you might also grow in terms of your retention rate. This article shall help you on integrating a perfectly optimised Shopline checkout page to boost impeccable sales. So, read along till the end! 

What is eCommerce Checkout Process Optimisation?

Checkout optimisation is one of the strategies that an eCommerce business owner must implement to improve the overall conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment rates. The primary goal of seeking optimisation for the checkout page is to minimise the amount of distractions over the site. 

You must strengthen the trust of your customers, especially when they have reached the checkout page. With optimisation, you will be able to drive your shoppers’ attention towards confirming the purchase and not ending up abandoning the cart. 

As far as Shopline is considered, the eCommerce platform offers you a default and standard checkout process for the store. And you must know that the default checkout pages aren’t always the best to deliver an optimal experience for your store. It must be optimised with respect to your customers’ experience. 

As per a survey, around 17% of all the respondents accepted that they ditched an online store purchase because the checkout process was too complicated with a lot of steps involved. Therefore, if you are running a Shopline store, it is important you focus on this important eCommerce optimisation aspect to increase your average order value. 

What are Some Tips to Optimise the Checkout Process for Shopline Stores?

Some tips that you must follow in order to optimise your Shopline store’s checkout page for customers are:

  • Allow the Guest Checkout Option

It is true that your Shopline business would need ample information from the new customers who land at your store. It is true that saving the information within the store account makes it easy for customers to process further purchases over it. But, forcing them to create an account has often led people to abandon the cart. 

Therefore, you must consider offering a guest checkout facility over your Shopline store. This will help the customers complete their purchases without the need to enter any details they don’t want to give. Talk to your Shopline developers and ask them to enable a feature that doesn’t demand customers to log in to make a purchase.

  • Introduce Free Shipping on Select Orders

Free shipping is always a winning strategy for optimising your Shopline checkout page. You must show your customers that you intend to meet their free shipping expectations with certain conditions that can be easily fulfilled. 

For instance, the customers might be requested to purchase products totalled up to a moderate amount for availing the free shipping benefits. If you are just starting off with your Shopline store, you can also try introducing free shipping for orders of all types, which is a productive strategy to boost conversions. 

  • Add Diverse Payment Methods

When your customers have reached the checkout page on your Shopline store, they shouldn’t face any hassle finding their desired payment method. For instance, if you are just offering PayPal for international payments and aren’t supporting international credit cards or other modes of payments, your customers will close the tab right away! 

Look out for your country-wise payment options that support both domestic as well as international payments. Based on that, count on integrating the most popular ones, which would entice the customers to stick to their convenience and not feel forced to use a different method just because your store seems to have no flexibility. 

To enhance the convenience, you can also consider adding BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), COD (Cash on Delivery), bank transfers and other such additional payment options as well. 

  • Implement One-Click Checkout 

The best way to streamline your Shopline checkout process is by implementing a one-click approach. It means the steps involved in the overall checkout process will be reduced, which would create less friction for all online shoppers. Thus, the chances of conversions will increase. 

The one-click checkout process will enable your store to have a single form and minimum fields to be filled in for customers to complete their purchases. People intend to go through fewer steps when buying anything online, without which they mostly abandon the carts. So, emphasise bringing this into action for your Shopline store. Talk to the top eCommerce developers, and they shall help you with it. 

  • Keep the Design Mobile-Friendly

As a lot of your customers will access your Shopline store from mobile browsers, it should be optimised to prevent any hindrances in the interface. When approaching checkout on mobile browsers, the page should be optimised well to minimise the form fields and speed up the overall process. 

You can hire the best eCommerce developers to help minify the codes of your Shopline store to improve the loading speed and use finger-friendly action buttons at the checkout page. 

Parting Words

State these checkout page optimisation requests to your Shopline developers and let them do the needful right away! Upon implementing these best practices, you must continue monitoring the customer behaviour on your platform, specifically the cart abandonment rate. If things are done right, you will definitely see a drop in the abandonment graph. 

Moreover, you must also keep a tab on your conversion rates, as your sales count over the Shopline store would increase stupendously. So, if you didn’t plan on implementing checkout optimisation for your Shopline store for this long, it is time you plan it out right away! It is because your store’s success depends on it. 


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