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This is our “About Us” page. To clear your queries related to us, you can read About Us. Hello guy. Informenu.com is a platform from where you can download and install unlimited apps. It is a third-party asite that allows you to download even those apps which are not available on Google Play Store. You can find different apps in different categories depending on your need. Also, we provide you with detailed articles on every app so that you can easily understand that app.

We want to make sure that you guys will not face any problems while downloading the app that’s why we have given an installation guide in every article. For your convenience, we provide your final words in the last which is the total summary of the article. So that you can easily decide whether to use the app or not.

Safe and Secure

One of the most important things for us is the safety of our users. Every app provided by informenu.com is safe and secure. You can use our apps without any hesitation. We respect the privacy and security of our users. That’s why we will not upload any app that may harm our user’s privacy and has any kind of malware virus.

Our Goal

Informenu.com is a trustworthy third-party site. It is trusted by many users. Our goal is to maintain the trust of our users by providing them with easily understandable articles with FAQs and secure apps. From here, you can download and install apps in just a minute.

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As we mentioned above, it is a third-party site that provides you with third-party apps. The apps provided on this site are not owned by us. That’s why we can not assure you of the safety of every app n this site. It is totally the user’s choice whether to use the app or not.