If you sustained injuries in Bridgeport because someone chose to be reckless and negligent, you possibly have an injury claim. Personal injury lawsuits include everything from car accidents and premise liability to medical malpractice, dog bites, and product liability claims. Each case has similar elements, but the approach is never the same. For someone who has little to no understand of the legal jargon, you shouldn’t risk everything for no rhyme and reason. Here are seven signs to engage a Personal injury attorney Bridgeport ct.

  1. Your injuries are catastrophic: If you are hurt to the extent that you would need ongoing medical care for a long time or have little chance to get back to work, you should have a lawyer. Catastrophic injuries demand a higher settlement, which can be hard to recover.
  2. The insurance company is playing with your claim. Claims adjusters are infamous for their apathetic attitude. They will do everything to protect the interests of their employers (i.e., insurance companies), and therefore, you shouldn’t negotiate without an attorney.
  3. You have a share in fault: Comparative fault rules in Connecticut allow you to sue the other at-fault party when your share of the blame doesn’t exceed 50%. These laws are complex, and insurance companies would use these things against you. Get an attorney to fight for you.
  4. You are unsure of the settlement: How much should you expect in compensation? Unless an attorney checks all details, including available evidence and the nature of injuries you have endured, you cannot be sure of the amount. Don’t take chances when you negotiate.
  5. You want to file a lawsuit: Insurance may not cover all losses, so filing a civil lawsuit might be necessary. Before you go to court, get a competent legal team to help with the proceedings.
  6. You are confused about the process: The claims process may sound easy on paper, but one mistake could ruin everything. Once you engage an attorney, they will adhere to the rules and ensure the insurance company doesn’t deny the claim on petty grounds.
  7. You don’t have clarity on fault: Who is liable for your injuries? When multiple parties are involved, you must call an attorney to investigate further and gather information to establish fault. Lawyers have the resources and expertise required for such tasks, and if required, they will hire experts. 

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