As much as we appreciate them, trees can be demanding in terms of maintenance. They require proper care and attention to thrive and maintain their health. However, not everyone possesses the expertise or time to dedicate to tree care. Enter arborists – the tree whisperers. These highly trained professionals have mastered the art of cultivating, managing, and studying trees.

But when should you call in a level 5 qualified arborist? Time to leaf it to the experts and let them branch out on your tree troubles. Here are five unmistakable signs indicating the need to consult the experts:

1. Leaning Tower of Pisa vibes:

If you observe your tree abruptly leaning to one side, resembling the iconic Italian landmark, it may indicate structural damage caused by root issues or disease. Don’t allow your tree to become the next tourist attraction – contact an arborist promptly to assess and rectify the problem before it escalates.

2. Foliage looking abnormal:

Healthy trees boast vibrant foliage – a basic principle. Hence, if you notice yellowing, wilting, or signs of pest infestation on your tree’s leaves, it’s time to seek professional assistance. These indications could signify nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or insect invasions that require immediate attention.

3. Bark peeling off excessively:

Similar to how we shed our skin cells, trees naturally shed their bark as they grow. However, if you observe substantial pieces of bark falling off or decaying and discolored bark, it may suggest underlying issues. An arborist possesses the expertise to diagnose the problem and administer the necessary treatment to save your tree.

4. Troublesome roots:

Tree roots may be hidden, but they’re the unsung heroes keeping trees healthy and grounded. If you spot signs of root trouble like exposed roots, rebellious mushrooms, or cracks in sidewalks, don’t leaf it be – call an arborist ASAP. They can address root issues before they escalate into significant problems.

5. Overgrown branches causing concern:

Is your tree starting to resemble Cousin Itt from the Addams Family, with branches growing in every direction? Apart from being visually unappealing, overgrown branches can pose threats to your property and safety. An arborist can safely prune and shape your tree, ensuring its health and manageability.

Whether your tree exhibits one or all of these signs, don’t wait until it’s too late – contact an arborist today. Rest assured, they won’t judge you for neglecting your tree. Instead, they’ll work wonders on your tree, giving it the care it deserves to look fabulous and feel fantastic.

Ever wondered what an arborist does? In short, they are tree superheroes. Armed with extensive knowledge and training in all aspects of arboriculture, from identifying diseases and pests to implementing pruning and shaping techniques, arborists possess the necessary tools and equipment to perform tree care tasks safely.

Moreover, their role extends beyond maintaining individual trees – arborists also play a vital part in preserving our urban forests. By caring for trees in public spaces such as parks or streets, they contribute to creating healthier and more aesthetically pleasing communities!


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